Fabrics, Yarns & Fibres: When To Use What

fabric and yarnsSome notes about fabrics, yarns & fibres. Also, a dictionary and when to use what. We plan to keep updating these notes from time to time. Please feel free to contribute via comments. Thank you!
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DIY:: Five Amazing Clutch Purse Tutorials

Indian Block Print Placemat Clutch

As you start sewing, there are so many things you want to sew, there are so many things you make, not only for yourself but for friends and dear ones too! What could be a better idea than sewing a clutch purse for your soul sister's birthday gift!

At DesiCrafts, we sat down on a Sunday morning and selected 10 very easy-peasy DIY clutch purse ideas from some blogs which are hidden gems on internet.

You'll get 10 super cool clutch purse ideas and betcha, you'd want to make all of them. So, we bring it on.

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Dreamcatchers and Much More in Latest Collection of Block Printing Stamps

DIY and hobby crafters, get ready for a huge collection of wooden stamps to experiment with. DesiCrafts brings to you dreamcatchers, feathers, mandalas, buildings, kawaii animals, mandalas and more. Our expert artisans make sure that you have fun while printing with these wooden stamps.

We have made block printing pretty easy for newbies too! Each block comes packed with printed instructions on how to use and how to take care of your wooden blocks. And if you are an expert, you already know the deal ;)

New collection of block printing stamps at DesiCrafts

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New Collection of Wooden Printing Blocks - Christmas Tree, Snowflakes, Bells and More

Hello there! Long time no see? We are here finally. 

Have a look at this big basket of wooden printing block that just arrived to our workshop today. We are so excited and very ready to start listing them on our websites. To talk little bit about new collection, it is all about festivals, holidays and favours. A lot of printing is going to happen :) 

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Taking Care of Your Wooden Blocks and Printing Stamps

Taking Care of Your Wooden Blocks and Printing Stamps

As promised in the last video on Block Printing that we published over our Youtube channel, today we are going to talk about how can we preserve our wooden blocks and keep printing using them year after year.

Wooden blocks after printing job is finished

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How to Make a Reddit 404 Pillow Cover Using Batik Print Technique

Reddit.com is a rare website that we visit everyday, many times a day. We love Reddit alien (mascot) so much. His name is Snoo and he is so cute. You can find general FAQs about Snoo here. One day we had this crazy idea to make this alien Desi style using Batik printing technique. And after printing and treating it, we realized it looked so cute. So we had to share it with you. We are sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Reddit 404 pillow cover.

How to make Reddit 404 pillow cover at home

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DIY Fabric Printing - How to Screen Print a Cotton Fabric by Hand in 5 minutes

With very little investment and almost no technical knowledge or complex apparatus, we will get you started on screen printing. It's a common misconception that one needs a costly setup for screen printing. We have used an Indian cotton fabric (muslin), which is an organic cotton fabric. We make small paisley patterns in this session. We describe the whole technique of printing and treating the fabric afterwards.
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