Our mission is to create sustainable and beautiful apparels & handicrafts for a better tomorrow. We advocate sustainable fashion and believe that in future, it will be central in improving our relationship with our environment. 'Going Green' can not only remain a buzzword anymore, it has to be lived and expressed. We hope our creations offer you that expression.

DesiCrafts people at work

As the name 'DesiCrafts' reflects, we work with weavers, painters, wooden block printers, embroidery artists and traditional craft makers in India to make beautiful range of products which look fashionable and contemporary but also rooted in our subcontinental history.

Home Furnishing
We offer a big range of silk and cotton pillows and cushion covers, placemats, curtains and quilts in home furnishing range.

Home furnishing fabrics from DesiCrafts

We offer handmade bags and purses for every occasions. So far, our happy clients include newly married couples, crafters, fashion designers, Interior decorators and home makers.

Custom Fabric Printing

Custom fabric printing service is available at DesiCrafts. Our skilled wood carvers give your designs form of a beautiful wooden stamp, then we print using those wooden stamps to make lovely fabrics in desired colors. 

On demand Hand block printing at DesiCrafts

Our Clients

Our products are enjoyed by some popular fashion houses in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, Germany and many other countries worldwide. We offer home furnishing items, fabrics and accessories to customers across the world. Our diversified customer base includes housewives, hobby crafters, fashion houses, fashion and accessories designers, textile retailers and dress manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts around the world.

For more details about our work and to collaborate with us, please contact us here.