Featured Art: Blue Pottery Of Jaipur

The process of making Blue Pottery is quite time consuming and requires precision and hard work and involve many steps. This beautiful craft continues to one of the finest from India to the International craft market. USA is the major importer of Indian Blue Pottery while other countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore are also big importer. Blue Pottery is admired all over the world including many European countries like Austria, Germany, Norway etc.

Blue Pottery Of Jaipur

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Featured Craft | Gota Patti Borders | Lappe Ka Kaam

Gota patti borders are native of Indian state of Rajasthan and can be further divided into different types based on their designs and use. Gota patti or gota ribbons are also use in Lappe ka kaam - also know as Indian applique embroidery in wider terms. Clothes embroidered with Lappe ka kaam are very exquisite, unique and made with lot of hard work and passion. The master-Karigars in India take great pride in being the experts of this beautiful art and believe me it takes years of practice to master this art.

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Featured Craft | Gota Patti Borders

Gota is a thin (or wide) woven ribbon in metallic colors such as gold, silver, red, green etc and they are applied on the edges of a stole or a dress to embellish it. Gota was born and raised in Rajasthan and now after being adopted by International fashion industry, it has gained new heights of popularity. 

In Rajasthan, India gota is an essential part of day-to-day clothing and one can easily spot women clad in ghaghra-choli or six yards of modern sari embellished with got trims. But don’t assume that it’s all a women thing. Gota is equally popular among men when it comes to traditional Rajasthani wedding and party attire.

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