DIY and hobby crafters, get ready for a huge collection of wooden stamps to experiment with. DesiCrafts brings to you dreamcatchers, feathers, mandalas, buildings, kawaii animals, mandalas and more. Our expert artisans make sure that you have fun while printing with these wooden stamps.

We have made block printing pretty easy for newbies too! Each block comes packed with printed instructions on how to use and how to take care of your wooden blocks. And if you are an expert, you already know the deal ;)

Blockprinting Stamps Handmade Treasures

 Bad dreams pass through the round circle in the middle and the good dreams are caught in the net of the circle. 

Our wooden stamp artisan has made some really nice dreamcatcher stamps. Have a look. 

Wooden blocks in making

This is how the dreamcatcher in gold print looks after being printed on paper. 

dreamcatcher gold block print

All these wooden stamps are suitable for stamping on textiles, clay, soap, wall, paper or any other smooth surface.

You can buy these new wooden stamps here or request custom made wooden stamps for yourself by sending an email to us. 

dreamcatcher wooden stamp

According to wikipedia, in some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher or dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web.Wooden Stamp Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher may also include sacred items such as certain feathers or beads.Wooden dreamcatcher stamp

All our wooden stamps are carefully carved to achieve perfection in printing. Before finishing the carving work wooden stamps are dipped into neem oil overnight to make them resistant towards pests and insects that feed on wood. It also makes the wooden stamp semi-waterproof in some way. Once they have soaked enough oil, it is time to remove excess oil by wiping them with a waste newspaper. Once the extra oil has been removed, white is applied on top part that is the carved portion. This makes the block look beautiful and also gives a finish.

Poppy Pods Wooden Stamps for Block Printing

DesiCrafts clients who are hobby crafters, block printers, soap makers and pottery artists, enjoy new supply of these lovely blocks on a regular basis.

Wooden block are used in many ways, people use them to decorate the walls. They are also used as wall hangers, Tea lights are another unique way of decorating your house with wooden block. Tea lights can be kept in the garden area, or in the worship place. A tea light on a dinner table is a romantic way of having a candle light dinner.  

Peacock Feather Wooden Blockprinting Stamp

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