The Past and The Present : An Iranian Legacy

Internationally recognised as a lifestyle and fashion photographer, Sebastian Cortés’ most recent series Sidhpur: Time Present Time Past is an in-depth photographic exploration of the Bohra Islamic community in Sidhpur, a little-known small town in Gujarat. Building on his desire to explore forms of biography, memory and metaphor—this latest exhibition demonstrates Cortés’ continuing interest in documenting and uncovering India’s more enigmatic facets, this time through careful photographic studies of the traditional habitats and domestic spaces of the Dawoodi Bohras, an elusive and veiled Islamic community. 

Iranian Culture in India

August 02, 2017 by DesiCrafts Shop

New Arrivals: Handblock Printed Soft Cotton Fabrics For Dresses Curtains and Baby Nursery

We have spotted this particular floral pattern in the hindi movie Hindi Medium in which the actress Saba Quareem wears big bold pattern with ease. Sab has worn many such big patterns through out the movie but the most striking among all was the floral pattern in Red and Green over White background. 

DesiCrafts handblock printed fabric in Hindi Medium movie

July 25, 2017 by DesiCrafts Shop

The Grand Doors Of Delhi 6

Delhi 6 became popular when in 2009, a  Bollywood movie was named after it. Delhi 6 is a pin code in Old Delhi, also written as 110006.
Beautiful doors of Old Delhi
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Floods in Tamil Nadu India : Update About Delayed Shipping

chennai floods 2015

Hello everyone!
As you must have watched and seen over the internet, last couple of days have been very difficult for the people of state of Tamil Nadu in India. Most places are flooded and the condition is so bad that the Indian Air Force had to come forward for the rescue operations.
The streets were flooded and many families were temporarily displaced because their houses were flooded with rain water. They are still trying to come in terms with the ongoing rains. 
The meteorology department has issued the warning that it may rain more in next three days.
November 15, 2015 by DesiCrafts Shop
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The Killing Of River Luni

As published in Tehelka Magazine, Volume 9 Issue 35, Dated August 27, 2012. Reports Tehelka jouranist Prakhar Jain.

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