Restoration Of Vintage Wooden Blocks

Hand Block Printing By DesiCraftsRecently, we visited our printing unit in Chennai. This is the unit where we make our hand block printed fabrics. Our expert hand block printers are very keen on working with new motifs and colors all the time.

June 17, 2019 — DesiCrafts India
Wooden Block Makers Of Bagru

Wooden Block Makers Of Bagru

Wood block making is an interesting art to learn or to pick up as a hobby. The blocks which are used to make colorful prints on fabrics and other surfaces, are made by some really hard working hands who know how to work with precision. A small mistake can ruin the pattern and that's why they are called experts in their area.

DesiCrafts wooden stamps makers in Rajasthan

January 02, 2017 — DesiCrafts Shop
A Bohemian Approach - Kashmir Embroidery Motifs

A Bohemian Approach - Kashmir Embroidery Motifs

I remember this fabric from this post on Tumblr from 2013, which I reblogged on our Tumblr. In the post I mentioned that I found something similar in the market and that I will post the pictures once I make something interesting using that fabric. Here is the fabric that I found on Tumblr and started searching for the original source for this picture. I couldn't find a source page for this picture and at this point I am sure that it is a vintage piece. Since I am not sure about the origin, based on the pattern, I can guess it was made in Kashmir. 
A bohemian approach to kashmir embroidery motifs by DesiCrafts
December 26, 2015 — DesiCrafts Shop

Our First Handmade Saree:Behind the Scene Pictures

Recently, we introduced handmade saree collections. We have made many sarees in past couple of weeks. We have not uploaded all of them but we are very happy to show you the success of our first handmade saree. 

All handmade sarees are painstakingly made at our workshop in Chennai, India. The fist two sarees were sold within two days of making them live on the website. So, we are really happy right now

November 14, 2015 — DesiCrafts Shop