Sari Play: Five Creative Ways to Use Your Vintage Silk Saris

Six yards of silk combined with gold or silver, sheer Chiffon or Georgette and of course the cotton ones with embellished pallu these saris used to be part of my mother's wardrobe and now I inherit the treasure.  Some times saris get old and other times we would like to discard them because we have worn at too many occasions or if they are out of trend. In India, it's not very uncommon to exchange an old sari and other clothes for something that you need in the kitchen or any other part of the house.

Sari ideas
May 25, 2017 — DesiCrafts India

Sericulture in India | Silk Production | Types of Silks

The commercial cultivation of the silkworm is also known as Sericulture in scientific language. Production of silk through sericulture is a tedious process and involves many stages. 

Tasar is a type of pure silk is also known as Vanya (forest in hindi) silk because it involves a partial process of outdoor (forest) cultivation. A coarse yet valuable fabric for the manufacturing process it involves is very tedious and requires a lot of attention. Its beauty is not comparable to no other hand woven fabric or otherwise.

January 16, 2015 — DesiCrafts Shop