Featured: Sania in Pink Dress With Fairy Sleeves

Custom Made Teenagers Dress By DesiCraftsSania had a wedding to attend for which she wanted a dress that wasn't too traditional.

May 15, 2018 — DesiCrafts India
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The Past and The Present : An Iranian Legacy

Iranian Culture in India

Internationally recognised as a lifestyle and fashion photographer, Sebastian Cortés’ most recent series Sidhpur: Time Present Time Past is an in-depth photographic exploration of the Bohra Islamic community in Sidhpur, a little-known small town in Gujarat. 

August 02, 2017 — DesiCrafts India

Featured Art: Blue Pottery Of Jaipur

The process of making Blue Pottery is quite time consuming and requires precision and hard work and involve many steps. This beautiful craft continues to one of the finest from India to the International craft market. USA is the major importer of Indian Blue Pottery while other countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore are also big importer. Blue Pottery is admired all over the world including many European countries like Austria, Germany, Norway etc.

Blue Pottery Of Jaipur

April 23, 2017 — DesiCrafts India

There is an Air about India - Air India Vintage Posters

Air India is the Flag Carrier airline of India, owned by the government of India. Air India is considered to be the third-largest airline of India in terms of passengers carried after Indigo and Jet Airways.

Flickr user Anil Agarwal shares some vintage Air India posters.

Air India is the Flag Carrier airline of India, owned by the government of India. Here are some vintage posters of Air India adverts from the past.

January 02, 2017 — DesiCrafts Shop
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Featured Artist: Solene Bucci

Solene Bucci is a ceramicist from France - the motherland to some great artists in the world. She owns a shop ‘Solene Bucci Ceramics’ in Miers town where she designs beautiful pottery with her partner at their workshop. Solene takes her inspiration from the mother nature which is clearly reflected in her work. The ceramic pottery made by Solene has details of textile prints, her creations are truly inspired by vegetables and fruits in terms of color and texture.

November 10, 2014 — DesiCrafts Shop
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Featured Artist: Gunjan Aylawadi

We love handmade and we admire everything that is made using organic materials.We were browsing the internet and we came across this talented paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi from Sydney, Australia.

January 22, 2014 — DesiCrafts Shop