Cotton Fabric Pre-treatment For Better Dyeing/Printing

Pre treatment of cotton fabric

Are you one of those hobby crafters who love to dye their own fabric and make beautiful things out of it? This blog post is for you. Hand-dyeing cotton fabric is a captivating and creative process that transforms plain, unadorned material into a personalized masterpiece. The artistry of hand-dyeing lies in the hands of the creator, as they carefully manipulate colors to bring their vision to life on the canvas of cotton.


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New Arrivals: Handblock Printed Soft Cotton Fabrics

DesiCrafts handblock printed fabric in Hindi Medium movie

We have spotted this particular floral pattern in the hindi movie Hindi Medium in which the actress Saba Quareem wears big bold pattern with ease. Sab has worn many such big patterns through out the movie but the most striking among all was the floral pattern in Red and Green over White background. 

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Fabric Care 102 : Taking care of Your Organic Kalamkari Fabrics


Organic cotton fabrics are printed using vegetable dyes and the colors obtained from organic means. Chemicals can fade the color and can also make the fabric weak. In this post, we are telling you some easy and efficient ways of treating your organic cotton fabrics at home for the first time before you start using them. 

Ever wondered why the organic cotton fabrics and dresses that you bought from an Indian seller won't stay the same wash after wash? Well, it all depends on how you take care of your organic clothes and fabrics. All organic fabrics are made using the fibers and colors obtained from organic means such as plants, minerals etc. What if I told you the red floral pattern on your Kalamkari skirt was printed using rust and tamarind paste?

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