Hello there! Long time no see? We are here finally. 

Have a look at this big basket of wooden printing block that just arrived to our workshop today. We are so excited and very ready to start listing them on our websites. To talk little bit about new collection, it is all about festivals, holidays and favours. A lot of printing is going to happen :) 

wooden block printing stamps for paper and fabric printing

These snowflakes were made by an award winning wood work artisan in India. The bells, the easter eggs joined in.

wooden printing stamps

No Christmas is complete without reindeers, Christmas tree with a star on top, thank you notes on favour bags and lots of Ho Ho Ho...

Wooden Stamps for fabric printing and paper printing

All these wooden printing blocks can be used to print on paper, fabric or any even surface. Start from your living room walls, tees and bottoms that you are making for the festive season. Or print the favour bags and the wrapping papers that you are going to pack gifts. Why leave the curtains and the dinner table so boring...With our block printing supplies by your side, make whatever you feel like.

So don't wait anymore start printing already. Browse the wooden blocks section now.

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