Handmade at DesiCrafts

Inspired by heritage textiles of India and Indian architecture, bringing together the old and new!

Low Environmental Impact

We prioritize environmentally friendly materials in our manufacturing process, using sustainable fabrics like unbleached Coimbatore Cotton, handloom-woven Linen, Tussar, Raw Silk, Banana, Hemp, and Bamboo textiles. Our guiding principles—Creativity, Quality, Diversity, Sustainability, and Growth—shape our work. We produce small-batch, eco-conscious lifestyle goods sought after by environmentally conscious design houses, small businesses, and crafters.

What Buyers Say About Us
What Buyers Say About Us
The fabric of my pillow covers are excellent quality, perfectly made and vibrant just like the photos!
— LaSoya Cooper, USA
What Buyers Say About Us
I have ordered twice from this shop. The quality and service are first rate.
— Hanna, Germany
What Buyers Say About Us
Excellent pillow covers at an even better price. Perfect for decorators, and home DIYers alike!
— Ryan Hensley, USA
What Buyers Say About Us
These curtains are absolutely beautiful and every time I pass this space (several times a day) they make me so happy. I asked for a custom length and they fit perfectly. Thank you so much!
— Sara, USA