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From its Chennai based unit, DesiCrafts offers hand block printing service for saris, fabrics etc. We have 5 long tables for hand block printing with more than twelve hundred wooden stamps so that you never run out of options. This service has been designed keeping in mind small to medium business owners who want variety in patterns but don't have a high volume requirement. Contact us to discuss the scope for your custom printing project in your own design. Talk to us.

Hand Block Prints With A Low Environmental Impact

Use of environmentally friendly and least damaging materials in our manufacturing process allows us to sustain in harmony with the nature. We use sustainable and organic fabrics such as unbleached Coimbatore Cotton, handloom woven Linen, Tussar, Raw Silk, Banana, Hemp and Bamboo textiles in our work.

Our five ethos, Creativity, Quality, Diversity, Sustainability and Growth have always been our guiding principles that are also reflected in our work. Our products are produced in small batches at our own pace which gives us the freedom to work in a way that hampers the environment the least.

For over a decade, we continue to live by our ethos through our collections of finished lifestyle goods. Our handmade textiles and products are sought after by environmentally conscious design houses, small businesses and crafters.

Handmade Goodness

A place where you belong...a place of your own... a place like no other, that you made with your loved ones, It’s your home!

DesiCrafts takes you to a joyful journey of handmade goodness. Handcrafted cushion covers that are custom made for you, that makes your home like no other. Explore the range of pure silk cushion covers and organic cotton pillow covers from DesiCrafts

Silk Cushion Covers

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Different Types Of Curtains

Yellow Marigold Organic Cotton Curtains By DesiCrafts
Adapting curtains to weather conditions is essential for both practical and aesthetic reasons. During colder seasons, heavy and thermal curtains serve as effective insulators, preventing heat loss and maintaining a warm interior. In contrast, lighter curtains are suitable for warmer weather, facilitating better airflow and minimizing reliance on air conditioning.
January 12, 2024 — DesiCrafts India

Much Awaited Color (s) of the Year for 2024

Color of the year 2024 announcement
color of the year 2024

The wait is over and the color gurus have spoken. The most prominent trend setter companies have declared their color of the year for 2024. We are so exited and can't wait to experiment and use these beautiful colors in our work. So, read on. Who knows, you may find them soon enough somewhere in our handmade products collection. 
December 25, 2023 — DesiCrafts India

Why Is It Important To Process The Grey Cloth Before Printing

 processing the grey cloth before printing

 Grey cloth, also known as greige cloth, is a type of fabric that has not been bleached or dyed. Learn why is it important to process the cloth before printing.

December 04, 2023 — DesiCrafts India

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