As you start sewing, there are so many things you want to sew, there are so many things you make, not only for yourself but for friends and dear ones too! What could be a better idea than sewing a clutch purse for your soul sister's birthday gift!

At DesiCrafts, we sat down on a Sunday morning and selected 10 very easy-peasy DIY clutch purse ideas from some blogs which are hidden gems on internet.

You'll get 10 super cool clutch purse ideas and betcha, you'd want to make all of them. So, we bring it on.

1. Vitange Clutch Purse Using Old Kutch Fabric

This Indian blogger from Jammu has a lovely clutch purse tutorial to share. The tutorial gives a detailed DIY introduction to the process. There is a clear step by step guide on how to make the full clutch purse with a lovely vintage Kutch embroidery fabric piece.

Magenta DIY clutch purse by styleinked
Detailed tutorial here.
2. Striped Placemat Clutch Tutorial
What could be a better way to use a single placemat that is still new but you've lost the other piece and it can no longer be used as a set on the dining table, to make a lovey ANYDAY clutch purse. Kipi tells how:
Handmade DIY clutch Purse
Detailed tutorial here.
3. Foldover Clutch Purse Tutorial
Look at this fold over clutch purse with tassels and all. It is a very detailed tutorial and the OP kimberly has left nothing to imagination. Follow her step-by step DIY tutorial to make your ow foldover clutch. 
foldover clutch purse

Detailed tutorial here

4. Zippered Clutch Tutorial

Stef who runs a blog called The Girl Inspired. It is another step-by-step tutorial to make a clutch purse. we loved the supplies and fabric used in this one so much.


Zippered Clutch Purse DIY
Detailed tutorial here.
5.  Indian Block Print Placemat Clutch
Placemat clutch tutorial by Ashley Hackshaw is a unique one. The print and the colors are beautiful. It is an Indian Block Print placemat turned into a lovely clutch purse. Made very quickly and so easily that it won't take more than 10 minutes to make. 
Placemat clutch purse DIY

Detailed tutorial here.
May 15, 2021 — DesiCrafts India
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