So, we recently visited our printing unit in Chennai. This is the unit where we make our hand block printed fabrics. Our expert hand block printers are very keen on working with new motifs and colors all the time.

Set of restored vintage wooden stamps
During the process of hand block printing, the blocks become weak and the edges and carving is damaged. This happens gradually, after printing about 100 to 500 meters of fabric, the damage takes place naturally.  Such damaged blocks can't be used for printing anymore.

But we thought it'd be such a shame to let go such pretty wooden stamps lying and later thrown away because of these defects! So, we planned to introduce these lovely pieces of wood to you so that you get a slice of beautiful journey called hand block printing. 

Restoration of vintage wooden stamps
These wooden stamps are made using best quality wood that is aged for years before taking shape of a wooden block.

As you'd noticed in the pictures, these stamps have an inherently deep black color. We've started procuring such wooden blocks and restoring them to use as decorative pieces.

During the process of hand block printing, a block looses its real self slowly as it is used for printing repeatedly. After printing about 200 to 500 meters fabric, the wooden block is mostly worn-out and no more fabric can be printed with it.

There could be many other reason for block becoming unusable, falling from a height is a major one, which brings apparent cracks on the carving and it becomes unfit for printing.

Some blocks are still pretty but over the time, printing process may have damaged them partially. So, such blocks are kept separately as unfit for printing.

The usual process of making a block includes overnight dipping the block in a fungicide / insecticide oil such as neem oil. Sometimes, wooden block still falls victim to attackers like mites who feed on cellulite.

In this case, it is always wise to destroy the block completely by burning it before it affects other wooden blocks too!

These vintage wooden stamps will be available for purchase through our website soon. Meanwhile, you can figure out what portion of your house you're going to decorate with these beautiful pieces. 

If you ask us, we have some cool ideas apart from using them as table top decor piece or a wall piece. 

- We recently found a whole pillar made of these used wooden stamps and it looked so awesome. 

- You can use them as a stopper for books on your book shelf. 

- Make a glass top corner table with these vintage blocks. 

- Make a whole living room wall using these blocks. 

- Decorate the staircases and entrance, entryway, your home office, studio etc. 

Please keep visiting DesiCrafts blog to see what else is possible with these beautiful wooden stamps. 


June 17, 2019 — DesiCrafts India



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How much would it cost to buy 30 block prints ?

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