Recently, we introduced handmade saree collections. We have made many sarees in past couple of weeks. We have not uploaded all of them but we are very happy to show you the success of our first handmade saree. 

All handmade sarees are painstakingly made at our workshop in Chennai, India. The fist two sarees were sold within two days of making them live on the website. So, we are really happy right now :D

To give you some context about who made these sarees, we've decided to make a post about it in detail.

Handmade saree in yellow and green

This is a collage of the saree. The border is really rich in colors and it is made of 100% silk fabric. 

Some behind the scene pictures

Our master tailor Kumar Anna is cutting the fabric to make the border. Did you notice the pile of fabric on his left? Yes, these are the fabrics that we used to make the saree.

collage of a handmade silk saree by DesiCrafts

This one looks super bright in Gold and Green but here is one more saree that we made in a different color- Green

green and gold kota silk saree by DesiCrafts

Our first two sarees were sold within two days of uploading them. We have decided to make more such beautiful sarees. You can choose your's here on our website.

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