Wooden Block Makers Of Bagru

Wood block making is an interesting art to learn or to pick up as a hobby. The blocks which are used to make colorful prints on fabrics and other surfaces, are made by some really hard working hands who know how to work with precision. A small mistake can ruin the pattern and that's why they are called experts in their area.

DesiCrafts block-makers from Bagru village of Rajasthan and Hapur of Uttar Pradesh make beautiful wooden stamps for our shops. We work with these wooden stamps makers to deliver stunning fabrics and wall arts to our clients.

Some of our wooden block makers have been working with us for as long as eight years. Here are some pictures of wooden stamps makers from two different places in India.

Wooden block making in Rajasthan

Experienced eyes know how to make a good wooden stamp.

DesiCrafts wooden stamps makers in Rajasthan

Art of wooden block making - DesiCrafts artisans at work

Wooden stamps in our workshop, ready for printing. Sometimes, we get a totally new wooden stamp done for printing a custom design for you. Wooden block making for a custom made design is done by these block makers and the printing is done in our partners' printing units in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.

DesiCrafts Printing Unit

January 02, 2017 — DesiCrafts Shop


Taranjeet Kaur

Taranjeet Kaur said:

Hi I am keen in customized blocks for my clothing line. Kindly share the details of the people who make these blocks


Cynthia said:

Hey there!
What a lovely blog post :-) I am so happy to read your posts. One request though, please post more often so that people like us are able to learn more about Indian culture and crafts.
Thanks again.

Maria Dulce Soares

Maria Dulce Soares said:

Please inform how can I buy your stamps for blockprint tissues.
I don’t have facebook or Instagram . It’s possible to buy them via internet?
How can I choose? Have you a catalogue ?
Thank you
M. Dulce


bipasha said:

Hey, What a lovely photo post!!! I found you browsing photos on google. It’s really good to see such organised blog posts from a website that also sells handicrafts stuff.
Thank you.

Namrata Sahni

Namrata Sahni said:

Hi, I am from Punjab and I would like to get in touch with your team for the wholesale order of natural dyed fabrics. Please let me know how to place an order for my own designs. Thank you.

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