Five Creative Ways to Use Your Mom's Sari for Home Decoration

Saris - six yards of silk combined with gold or silver, sheer Chiffon or Georgette and of course the cotton ones with embellished pallu these saris used to be part of my mother's wardrobe and now I inherit the treasure.

Hand stitched kota silk sari by DesiCrafts

Some times saris get old and other times we would like to discard them because we have worn at too many occasions or if they are out of trend. In India, it's not very uncommon to exchange an old sari and other clothes for something that you need in the kitchen or any other part of the house. The hawkers roam around and offer good deals on kitchen utensils and useful goodies like honey, turmeric, and garam masala.

In southern part of India, buying old saris is a flourishing business. Sometimes old sari buyers offer really good price on the saris if they are convinced about the quality.

But in case you are not living in any part of India where sari exchange is a common practice, and in case you don't want to give away your precious saris, we have these lovely ideas picked up from the Pinterest and other places. Try these and turn your house into a beautiful palace.

1. Use sari as decorative curtain:

You got a vintage silk sari that is not in wearable condition anymore? Can't throw it because of the sentiments attached to it? Don't worry, just install a straight curtain rod behind your bed or in your living room behind the sofa. And it will do the magic. The rich jari work of the sari will reflect light and will brighten up the whole room.

Vintage sari curtain

Image source: Pinterest board

2. Use for sofa makeover or to upholster a few chairs:

This lovely chair from Sahil and Sarthak (designer duo) is an eye catcher. Pretty as it gets, this chair is made using old kantha silk saris pieces and of course lots of imagination has gone into it.

Vintage Sari to Upholster a Sofa
3. Make mix-n-match cushion covers:

Vintage silk saris can be used to make cushion covers. Just give your creative self the wings of imagination and you can have a lovely makeover of your living room by adding up these sari patchwork cushion covers.

Pillow covers and cushions using vintage silk saris

If you know stitching, things become easier as you have the freedom to play with the fabric pieces, colors with trims & embellishments.

Vintage silk sari mixed with Purple velvet and some silk trims a royal combination
You can make assorted shapes and sizes of the cushion covers odd looks better together. 

4. As Headboard for your bed:

As headboard for your bed:Headboard gives a bed a grand look. Many DIY enthusiasts and experts on Pinterest share the pictures of lovely headboards that can bring dramatic changes the way the whole room look.

Vintage sari headboard ideas

Image source: Pinterest

 5. As a dress: 

In another blog post about saris, we have shared ideas about how a sari can be used in making a beautiful vintage dress. Many national and foreign designers are using vintage saris to make beautiful modern dresses. 

Vintage silk sari dress

Image source: Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and got brilliant craft ideas to make with saris. Please feel free to ask questions or share your opinion in the comments.

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