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As you must have watched and seen over the internet, last couple of days have been very difficult for the people of state of Tamil Nadu in India. Most places are flooded and the condition is so bad that the Indian Air Force had to come forward for the rescue operations.

The streets were flooded and many families were temporarily displaced because their houses were flooded with rain water. They are still trying to come in terms with the ongoing rains. 

The meteorology department has issued the warning that it may rain more in next three days.

Our office helper Parvathi, who lives in Chennai city was one among many families who became temporarily homeless because of heavy rain fall. At present Parvathi and her family has taken shelter in a nearby government school that was set up as a temporary shelter for the affected people. Parvathi's seven years old son is being treated at a local hospital as he suffers from the viral infection. We are trying to help her with food and other important things to run day to day life until the condition stabilizes. 

The picture given on top is real, people did travel on boats on the streets of Chennai.

Our dispatches were delayed because of the heavy rainfall. We are sending e-mails and notification about the delay to our customers.

Picture credit: Times Of India, daily newspaper

November 15, 2015 — DesiCrafts India
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