Solene Bucci is a ceramicist from France - the motherland to some great artists in the world. She owns a shop ‘Solene Bucci Ceramics’ in Miers town where she designs beautiful pottery with her partner at their workshop. 

Solene Bucci Ceramics

Solene takes her inspiration from the mother nature which is clearly reflected in her work. The ceramic pottery made by Solene has details of textile prints, her creations are truly inspired by vegetables and fruits in terms of color and texture.

When I saw her workshop, I could feel the smell of french earth in those pictures. The workshop is spread across a wide open area with airy rooms of french style. 

Solene's pottery is inspired by fabric patterns, flowers and leaves

Solene and her partner Benjamin Tailland, who is also a potter by profession, make beautiful pottery using sandstone. While Benjamin’s work is focused on pottery; Solene enjoys creating lovely jewelry and items of daily use along with making beautiful pottery.

French ceramicist Solene participates in workshops and local markets on a regular basis. Interested ones can find more about her workshops on her website here.

A collage of Solene's pottery at a market

You can contact Solene on her Facebook or through her website:


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