Ever wondered why the organic cotton fabrics and dresses that you bought from an Indian seller won't stay the same wash after wash? Well, it all depends on how you take care of your organic clothes and fabrics. All organic fabrics are made using the fibers and colors obtained from organic means such as plants, minerals etc. What if I told you the red floral pattern on your Kalamkari skirt was printed using rust and tamarind paste?  Sounds funny right? Yes, it does but it is true.


Regular use of chemicals may fade the color of your fabrics and clothes and can also make it weak. In this post, we are telling you some easy and efficient ways of treating your organic cotton fabrics at home for the first time before you start using them.


Many people think that they can't machine wash Organic cotton fabrics which is true unless one wants to clean a thick and strong fabric such as Kalamkari cotton. You can machine wash them. Just remember following tips before the very first wash:

1. Take a bucket filled with water, add about 3-4 spoons of regular salt to it, mix well and dip the fabric (2-3 yards) into it for 2-3 hours. Rinse a couple of time to remove salty water. This will fix the color forever. Please note that you need to increase the quantity of salt and water depending upon the length of the fabric or number of clothes. Or you can repeat the process for small sets of fabrics.

2. Use regular machine wash settings for cotton fabrics after removing the salt water from fabrics. Try not to put them in dryer regularly. Hot air from the dryer may harm the yarn.

3. Iron on reverse side for the first time and they are ready to use.

4. For very thin cotton fabrics like muslin, it is better to hand wash in mild detergent.

Note: If you have time, try to dry them under the shade, away from harsh sunlight and you can make them last really long. Always use mild detergent to wash these fabrics. The detergents meant for washing woolen and silks are best suited for washing organic cotton fabrics. You can conditon them using a good fabric conditioner. 


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Can anyone please share a method for deodorizing the smell of milk from hand painted kalamkari tussar saree?

— Raka Burman

Nice blog. Thank you for sharing this information. For more best kalamkari sarees and Handmade clothes online

— kalamkari

I love your ceilings!My soon to be daeghtur-in-law has requested that we do a fabric ceiling cover for the wedding. I saw the fabrics you are using and think they may be ideal. Are the fabrics available for purchase? Are you willing to share or sell how-to instructions?Thank you,Laurie Webster

— Jorge


I bought fabrics from you. I am very happy with my purchase. I was wondering how to wash these fabrics as I didn’t receive the care instructions. But after browsing through the website I realized that it is available in the blog post.

Thank you for your honesty and for informing about the out of stock fabric in advance. It made things easier.

You guys are the best! I will be back soon.
<3 Elena

— Elena