We recently made many Ikat scarves using our signature collection of Ikat fabrics. To make you aware about how these fabrics are made and how they take form of beautiful clothing, home furnishing and accessories, it is important to us to write about them in detail.

Handwoven Ikkat fabric handloom cotton Indian fabric

We procure our Ikat fabrics directly from the weavers of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of the times we pick our designs and patterns from what is available with the weaver. Most weavers like to work with traditional patterns, some likes the challenge of working on new designs and color combinations.

Ikat cotton handwoven fabrics by DesiCrafts
Once we have selected the pattern, we confirm the order by paying the advance to the weaver family. This way they get the initial money required to buy the raw materials such as cotton thread for weaving, colors for dyeing etc. Usually, it takes weaver family of four working people a month to produce about fifty meters of fabric. The thread dyeing and drying process is tedious and time taking. Once the thread is dry, it can be used for weaving. 
Weaving process starts with making the hand loom ready for the work. The patterns are read in detail to make sure there is no chance for mistake. One wrong weave can destroy a big woven area of the fabric and may leave it 'rejected' by the buyer. 
Handwoven cotton ikat fabrics by DesiCrafts
Once the fabric is ready, the weaver family confirms us about the delivery date. Weavers prefer to use local courier services. In times of WhatsApp and Skype with good internet connectivity over the phone, it has become easier for the buyers to connect directly with the artisans. We are really thankful to our ministry of telecommunication for that.
behind the scenes at DesiCrafts-product photoshoot for new ikat scarves

This time we received most spring and autumn colors along with Indigo and Blues. Check out the Ikat fabric pieces on the table and the hanger. Aren't they beautiful!

As soon as we received the fabrics, we jumped with joy to see how nice and bright the colors were this time. We've already accepted a couple of pre-orders for handwoven Ikat and have also fulfilled the old pre-orders that were waiting for this lot of delivery.

Ikat fabrics from Indian Weavers
Let me tell you, the Blue denim like Ikat fabric (6th from the left in the below given picture) has been a hit from the day one. We've shared the pictures with our regular clients and with the new ones and it has been accepted with open arms and praised by each one of them. 
The picture shown below is from our photoshoot of new handmade, handwoven Ikat scarves. We took about four days to prepare the collection and now it is available at our website for the purchase. 
behind the scenes-making of Ikat cotton stoles by DesiCrafts
We take immense pride in introducing ourselves as a place for totally handmade and ethically produced dresses, accessories, handicrafts and other items. We take great care in making and procuring the raw materials and products. Once the products are ready, they are carefully packed and dispatched to our valuable customers. Our customers' 100% positive feedback is the best way for us to know that we are doing a good work. 
Cotton Ikat Scarves by DesiCraftsHere are some pictures of the scarves that were taken during the product shoot. 
Ikat handloom cotton scarf in Spring colors by DesiCrafts
This denim like scarf is our special.
Handloom ikat scarf in Indigo and White
Ikat cotton handwoven scarf in Autumn colorsIkat handloom Scarf by DesiCrafts
October 22, 2015 — DesiCrafts Shop

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