Most of the times, we buy off the shelf decor pieces to decorate the tree and (the house). But a little bit of creativity can make holidays amazingly memorable for you and the loved ones! 

Holidays have started and if you are still shopping for last minute Christmas decoration, we've got some cool ideas for you.

Get Ceramic Christmas Bells:

Ceramic christmas bells

Image source: Unsplash

Make Christmas Ornaments with Fabric Scraps:

What would be better than using those small, colourful fabric scraps! 
It is time that you start making these cute looking Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. While the shopping malls and street shops are filled with readymade decoration items, it's time to make your own tree decor.

Tip: don't forget to use the colour rouge in plenty!

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Image source: 

Make Your Own Christmas & New Year Greetings Cards:

Three years back, in this blog post we introduced some beautiful wooden stamps for Christmas. 

You can use these wooden stamps to create beautiful greeting cards, thank you notes and gift wraps.

Christmas wooden stamps from DesiCrafts

Image source: DesiCrafts

Prepare Some Rustic Gift Wraps and Cards: 

Buy some card stock, jute twine, and some card envelopes. Decorate the card stocks with wooden stamps, make your own thank you notes,  wrap your gifts with jute twine and dried flowers and foliage to give your gift wrapping project a rustic look. 

Here are some very efficient and cool DIY gift wrapping ideas by Operation Overhaul

Rustic gift wrapping ideas for christmas

Image source: Creative Market

Make Kids Look Cute:

You know what to do! Take help from baby's nana and make cute looking caps and onesies, make your baby look super cute, nana's happy, baby's happy!  

Make kids look cute in Christmas

Make Cookies, Eat'em REPEAT:

Can't have enough of them! Christmas cookies with pinch of cinnamon for humans are like catnip to cats. Make some cute cookies and cakes. Amaze everyone with you baking skills. (Shh...if you don't know how to bake, it's not a bad time to start coz...tis the season). 

Christmas cookies decoration

Paint all Lights Red and Decorate the Entrance: 

If you have too many old lights and new ones and the second hand ones from the garage sale, it's time to take them out and paint them shiny red. Remove any rust using the sand paper and paint the heck out of them. Show the world how Christmas ready you are!

Here are some DIY paper ornament by the blog How About Orange.

Paint old lights to make them look new in christmas

Make Love in Those Cute Deer Horns [L.O.L]

Make love no war

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