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We have been busy developing some new patterns and introduced Tree Of Life and Kashmir Flower pattern linen fabrics in Indigo print.Tree of Life Linen By DesiCrafts

If you're a long time lurker then you must have noticed these fabrics on DesiCrafts. As you know, DesiCrafts has been selling Tree Of Life wooden stamp for many years now and it was high time that we made our own fabric using this pretty stamp. 

Here is a picture of the two linen fabrics that we introduced to our collection recently.  

Have a closer look, although, the Tree Of Life pattern is hand block printed but it is as seamless as any machine printed fabric. 

Tree Of Life Linen Fabric

Here is a picture of curtains made with Kashmir Flower pattern linen fabric. We made this fabric on a custom request (yes, we do lots of custom requests too!).

Kashmir Flower Linen Fabric

These printed fabrics are made using good quality linen that is extra wide, about 58"-60" width. You can use these fabrics for upholstering a chair, stool or a sofa. You can make table runners, napkins, kitchen towels and many other things using these linen fabrics.

Kashmir Flower Pattern Linen By DesiCrafts

You can order these fabrics from DesiCrafts by clicking on the links mentioned in this blog post. Or pre-order/custom order in case, you want to change the color or repeat, please contact us through email. 


December 30, 2018 — DesiCrafts India
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