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Writing after a long time. So finally a long weekend is here and so is the festival of Dussehra.

Dussehra is also celebrated as Vijayadashmi in many parts of India. In South India, on last day of Navratri, starts a two days long festival. The first day is called 'Ayudha Puja' on which people worship their 'Ayudha'- the tool(s) that they work with. Office, shops and businesses are opened to worship the tools of work. The sweets are distributed after the pooja and then people go back home to worship the god and celebrate the festival. Taxi and cabs owners do the pooja and don't prefer working this day, except in case of emergency. 

Happy Vijayadashmi from DesiCrafts
According to Wikipedia, the occasion of victory over Ravana and the rakshasas is celebrated as the 10-day Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra. TheRama Leela is publicly performed in many villages, towns and cities in Northern India and also in places where there is a large population of North Indians. 


Shubhoo Bijoya from DesiCrafts


Important note about the orders:

We have processed all orders placed on or before 21st October. We have received many international orders during festival time. We really want to apologize to our valuable customers that we won't be able to process and ship the orders placed after 21st October before Monday, 26th October, 2015 as all offices are closed till Monday. 

We wish you and your family happy festivities :) 
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