After Diwali, Holi is the biggest festival in North India. Weeks before Holi, families plan for shopping, renovation of the house, dinner, lunch and breakfast menu and also for paying a visit to relatives and friends. In many cities of north India, such as Vrindavan, Banaras and Kanpur, Holi is a fortnight long festival. It starts about a a week before Dhulendi and ends with Ganga Mela (a festival very specific to the state of Uttar Pradesh).

In other parts of North India its a two days long celebration. First night of Holi is the celebration of End of the Evil. Families gather around the fire in circle and offer Sugarcane, Green Gram and other seasonal crops to the fire. People also throw Gulaal - colorful podwer, Gujia - Sweets and Pop-corns in the fire. The reason behind this is mostly unknown. According to the Hindu mythology, the fire is considered holy and everything becomes pure after going through fire. Throwing food items in fire could be a symbolic act to make the food items pure and free from any evil till next Holi celebrations.

While visiting the friends and family, people also exchange gifts. These beautiful handwoven fruit baskets made by Chettinad basket weavers are very useful when it comes to giving gifts to your beloved ones. They are very useful for keeping sweets, dry fruits and fruits. We plan to send dry fruits to our friends in these baskets.

Hand woven Bamboo Basket assorted Colors
Gujiya is the most important sweet dish for Holi. No Holi celebration is complete without Gujhiya or Gujiya and so you must learn how to make Guziya at home in order to celebrate Holi Desi Style. Popular Indian Chef Sanjiv Kapoor demonstrates how to cook healthy Gujiya in Olive oil in this Gujiya recipe

There is a dedicated Wikipedia page for those who are unaware about the context of Gujia or Gujhiya or Guzia.

Gujhiya in Holi

People celebrating Holi in Vrindavan, Mathura, India (Image credit:

Holi in Vrindavan, Mathura, India

Gulaal powder - are you ready to play Holi?

Gulaal Powder for Holi

The festival of Holi has become global now and is being admired by people around the world. Here is a picture of people playing Holi in Germany.

A picture of People playing Holi in Germany

This colorful Dupioni silk stack has suddenly became relevant during Holi days. These colors are so bright and vibrant and same as Gulaal in Holi.

Dupioni silk fabrics stack

Dupioni silk fabrics stack
A very happy and colorful Holi to all of you!

March 17, 2014 — DesiCrafts Shop

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