For last couple of days, we've been working on these beautiful raw silk pouches. The process started with sourcing some stunning zip pullers. To give these pouches an Indian touch, we walked on the streets of very busy 'Chandani Chowk' in New Delhi - the capital of India. We found some very lovely handmade zip pullers, made by artisans of Rajasthan. These zip pullers are made using clay, plaster of paris, finely cut mirror and paint. After shaping them into beautiful creations such as elephant, peacock, spheres etc. they are either decorated with small mirror bits in round or diamond shape or sometimes hand painted using acrylic colors.  

Have a close look at these beautiful pieces, aren't they stunningly lovely?

Round and diamond shape mirror bits are so bright. They are glued on the clay shapes when the clay is still soft and not fully dried. They are then carefully hand painted using acrylic colors. 

But the work doesn't stop here. After painting, the artist still needs to assemble the brass key rings  to complete each piece. 

The pouches were made using pure raw silk fabrics from DesiCrafts and the zip pullers sourced from Rajasthan artisan who sell them on the streets of Chandani Chowk (as they can't afford proper shops). You can buy these silk pouches at bags and purses section of our website.


They would make a lovely gift for bridesmaids and also serve as a money pouch or a cute favor bag. These pouches are available for bulk order on custom request. 

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