In honour of Star Wars day, posting here we are the things we liked on the internet. Share you can, like if you too!


1. A good piece of advise from Yoda himself - Do. Or do not, there is no try.


Do or not, there is no try

 2. Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi poster at JangoArts 

Return of the jedi - starwars

3. A set of beautiful rings 'May the Force Be With You' by AbellaGift can be a good idea to gift your sister or mom or a friend.May the force be with you

4. This soft little onesie is the perfect gift for the little ones. It has the very famous Yoda quote "Judge Me By My Size Do You" printed on it and can be bought at Apricots.Judge me by my size do you?

5. And finally, these two Yoda posters

a. Master Yoda water color painting by Limb Trim

b. Master Yoda Green shadow printable poster by The Geek End Designs

Master Yoda poster


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