Namaste! Welcome to DesiCrafts.

DesiCrafts was started in 2011 with an aim to spread Indian arts and handicrafts around the world. India produces beautiful textiles using various printing technologies such as hand block printing, screen printing, tie and dye etc. Indian textiles are exported all over the world where they take form of beautiful clothing, home furnishing, accessories and other things. Our online store is a small effort to spread Indian art, textiles and handicraft to the world. 

Some of our signature prints and products are enjoyed by some popular fashion houses in USA,Argentina, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, France, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Japan and many other countries. While offering wholesale fabrics, craft supplies and accessories to medium-to-big customers across the world, we also offer handicrafts, fabrics, dresses and accessories to retail customers across the globe. 

Our diversified customer base includes stay-at-home moms, hobby crafters, fashion houses, fashion and accessories designers, textile retailers and dress manufacturers.

Please write to us at  desicraftshop [at] gmail [dot] com