Poppy Floral Block Print Linen Fabric in Mustard and Teal


Discover the Mustard and Teal Poppy Flower Linen Fabric, a striking piece that embodies the splendour of Mughal architecture and the historic elegance found in 16th century fabric fragments at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This upholstery weight fabric is both functional and artistic, perfect for a variety of projects, from furniture to kitchen accessories. Its machine-washable quality adds practicality, making it ideal for everyday use while maintaining its luxurious appeal. This fabric is a testament to timeless design, blending historical inspiration with modern usability.

 Quality: This is 100% pure linen, medium weight fabric and can be used for making dresses, bags, curtains, valance, cafe curtains, cushion covers, dresses etc.. 
The width of the fabric is 55". if you buy more than 1 yard, you will get all fabric in one piece.  
first wash separate from other colors, using a gentle liquid detergent, use cold water. Dry in shade. This is machine washable fabric.
Note:  This fabric is available in larger quantities on request.