Rebekka visited our store early August this year. There were some wooden stamps on display in our Chennai store and a feather block caught her attention. She knew what she wanted! A dress in Rust background with dark Gray feathers printed on it.
So, this is a dress that we made for Rebekka.
Rebekka in her Rust and Gray Dress
So, to make the dress, we purchased a piece of cotton fabric that was Rust in color. Luckily, we were able to procure it from a local market near our studio in Chennai and color was exactly what we were looking for!
Handblock Printed Rust and Gray Feathers Print Fabric
You must have seen this feather wooden stamp earlier. It was added to our collection of wooden stamps about an year ago. Along with this wooden stamp, we announced many other beautiful new arrivals in this blog post.
Feather Wooden Stamp By DesiCrafts
Procuring a particular type (or color) of fabric sometimes becomes a challenge if we don't have enough time and we gladly accept this challenge, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
Printed Feathers Fabric
This is how the fabric looks after printing, it not completely dry yet. So we'll have to wait till it dries and ready to work with. It may take about an hour or something if kept it under the running fan.
Hand Block Printed Feathers in Rust and Gray Handmade by DesiCrafts
So, after drying the fabric, it was ready for ironing, cutting and stitching. We were supposed to finish the work earlier but due to many unexpected holidays we were not able to make the fabric ready on time. From procuring the  All this work was done with in 3.5 hours, which is pretty impressive :-)
Details on the dress made with machine kantha stitch at DesiCrafts
Rebekka was in a hurry that day because she had to catch a flight to Germany on same evening. When Rebekka saw her dress in person, she was very happy to see the detail on sides. She said- I like the detail on the sides. She tried it and gave us a pretty smile like this one! 
The Dress
We made couple of more custom made tops for Rebekka like this one. The one shown in the picture is organic print Dabu fabric, available at our website for purchase
And a Green Top was also made for Rebekka
A closer look :-)
A closer look of the green top
Rebekka says Hi!
Rebekka Says Hi
DesiCrafts India


Beautiful! How can I get a dress like this made for myself? Do you guys ship to Austria?

— Mini