Comfortable Summer Clothing By DesiCrafts

We all struggle all struggle with the choices when we go out for shopping, specially if it is shopping for clothing.
There are so many pretty colors at prices hard to ignore. Then how do we NOT buy?

Well, here are some reasons why one shouldn't:

Custom Made Fits Well:

Off-the-shelf items are made keeping in mind that most sizes fit to all body types. But in reality, when we buy off-the-shelf, we compromise a lot in terms of fitting. But mostly, we are fine with that kind of compromise.

Buy Comfort Clothing By DesiCrafts

But just in case you aren't someone who'd compromise on the fitting part, then custom made is the way to go.

Many of DesiCrafts clients tell us how they couldn't find their size in the store. Some of them are petite and some plus size while other come under the category of pear shape, apple shape, hourglass etc. And it becomes difficult to find a dress that fits well unless it was made keeping their body type in mind.

Cool Summer Dress DesiCrafts Custom Made


We all like off the shelf clothing because it has so many positives such as - it saves time as you don't have to meet the seamstress to first give the fabric for making and then to collect it from them or get it delivered.

Unique Custommade Dresses By DesiCrafts

If it fits and suits you, you buy it immediately. That's a really good reason to go for readymade clothing but not if you are going to a party wearing your fancy red dress and you see that the lady who just entered is wearing the same dress. Oh no!!! That's a party spoiler for you right there.

Unique Custommade Clothing By DesiCrafts
When you get a custom made clothing, there is this guarantee that despite of the color and fabric being same, no two dresses will look alike. Unless you both have the same seamstress and you didn't discuss the possibility of ordering exactly same dress!

Supporting The Handmade Business:

When you order a custom made dress, you know who is making your clothing. Your decision of buying custom made from small businesses affects many lives. You know where your money is getting spent. Families of the makers depend on the earnings from your purchases.

Handmade Business DesiCrafts

How To Order Custom Clothing from a Website: 

Search for the website that offers custom made clothing, and discuss your order with them. They'll ask you to share your size and style. You may also send some sample pictures of a garment to explain your expectations from the stitcher. 

At DesiCrafts, we accept custom made clothing orders for all occasions such as weddings, birthday, engagements, casual dressing etc. We accept orders for custom manufacturing of wedding gifts and favours such as silk gift envelopes, embroidered clutch purses, bridesmaids dresses and custom printed fabric to suit your decoration needs of table linen and the venue. 

You can contact us here to discuss your custom order and we'll respond to your query very quickly.

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