Indigo and White is nice in any way, but what if we told you that stripes this season's hottest trend and Indigo & White stripes are so in. 

Equal parts of two colors, Indigo & White forming stripes are well suited for a posh living room as well as for a kid's room decor.

If you are looking for a total makeover of the living room, we have some ideas about decorating your living room with stripes like a boss.

Stripes fashion trends 2017

 Apart from Indigo & White, Teal & Mustard is killing it and breaking all the records of hotness. See these Teal & Mustard Stripes pillow covers teamed up with DesiCrafts solid Teal raw silk pillow cover. 

Using too much stripes everywhere may become boring and so one should choose combination prints very carefully. If you are planning to use Indigo and White stripes in the living room, try some Indigo dots with the stripes to avoid boredom. 

It's also possible to use only two colors everywhere in the room and yet making it look extremely interesting. 

Checkout DesiCrafts Indigo and White mood board with some interesting bits. 

Decorate the cane wood sofa with stripes, dots and reverse stripes in same color combination. Use some Indigo pottery from Rajasthan artisans to decorate the chest near the window. 

Indigo printed fabric can be used as wall decor if framed nicely. In place of using expensive rug, use cotton canvas durries to cover and decorate the floors. 

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September 05, 2017 — DesiCrafts India



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Such a lovely blog post with so many colorful pictures!!! I keep visiting this blog to appreciate how tasteful and lovely the world is :) It is always a pleasure reading your blogs.

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