It was May, 2015 when Elaine approached us to purchase a Banarasi fabric. We chatted over the email and she informed us that she intended to use the fabric for a renaissance dress. There were some back and forth on the shipping and other details and the fabric was on its way to the USA. 

About the Project

The project includes a gown, a hat and the jewellery that the actress in the picture is wearing. Hundreds of hours were spent researching & acquiring the right materials, extensive construction & detailed beading to complete the project. 

The Fabric

The fabric used for the gown is a Banaras fabric in turquoise, dark blue and gold. The pattern and the look of this fabric is a mix of Arabic and Indian which makes it perfect for renaissance dress. 


The Gown

The gown is for an actor portraying a Russian Tsaritsa during the late 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England. Apart from other supplies used in making this gown, it is perfected with Indian silks, trims, swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls.

desicrafts-our russian connection

The Hat

The hat is called a Kokoschnik; each province in Russia is represented by a different hat style. The hat made in this project is of the Moscow province. The emblem on the forepart (front of the skirt) is an authentic Russian double-headed eagle of 1589. 

desicrafts-projects by our clients

"It is truly a gown fit for a Queen. We are very happy with our purchase which made this incredible dress & accessories possible" says our delighted friend Elaine. 

The project pictures were taken by Tom George Davison. More project pictures by Tom can be seen here.

January 20, 2016 — DesiCrafts Shop

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