Yellow Fuchsia Floral BlockPrint Supernet Sari With Blouse



Handblock printed kota sari in Fuchsia and Yellow floral print. 

Description: Hand Block Printed Supernet Sari with floral print on the body and floral contrast border.
Color: Fuchsia, Black and White on Yellow background.
Fabric: Light weight Supernet Fabric. 
Length: 5.5 Meter Sari +0.8 Meter Matching Blouse (unstitched).
Care Instructions:  Follow standard wash instructions. Machine washable, string dry, flat iron when dry. 
Technique Used:

Hand block printing is a centuries old textile printing technique. A wooden piece is hand carved to create the pattern which is later dipped into color to create beautiful prints on fabrics. Read more about this art here.

Additional Notes: 
To get a complete set of sari, petticoat, fall stitching please contact us via email/WhatsApp +91 89391 06495. Sari fall and matching petticoat will take additional 2-3 days to process.