Mandala Tea Light Holder


DesiCrafts brings to you mandala tea light holder holder with intricate carving in dark Mahogany.

Dimensions (approx): 4"

This beautiful tea light holder is made using rose wood or sheesham which is the most expensive and strongest wood.

Ideas on how to use:
Mandala takes you to the path of spirituality - this is an elegant tea light holder with intricate carving done by a master carver of our beautiful city of Uttar Pradesh.

This is made of 100% organic substances like wood and polished using natural wax. The tea light holder has been dipped into neem oil all night so that it soaks the oil and insects aren't able to destroy the wood for years.

This is a beautiful gift for your partner, a newly married couple or house warming and even as a wedding favour, it is super classy.

You can use this as modern wall decor or as a tea light holder for the living room, garden, kitchen, dinner table for a romantic dinner. Just keep your favourite fragranced candle it it and light the candle to enhance the area.

It can also be used as a wooden stamp for printing on textile, clay, paper or any other surface.

A fantastic gift idea for the newly weds, mom, mom to be, house warming and wedding favour.

Please Note:
The tea light holder has been soaked in organic pesticide oil overnight which has made it immune to attacks of pests like termites.

Care Instructions:
This is 100% handmade product by an expert wooden carver from Uttar Pradesh, India. Here are some suggestions to use it safely:
- Don't let it fall on the floor, it may break or wood may chip off.
- Be careful while lighting the candles on it. Unattended for long time, candle light holder may catch fire once the candle is finished burning.
- Keep away from the reach of children when in use.
- Don't use water to clean it, use a damp, soft cloth instead.