Red Mustard Blue Traditional Kalamkari Cotton Sari



A very beautiful, hand dyed, handmade sari in traditional Kalamkari motif. This sari was made made in Andhra Pradesh and is part of our limited edition of vegetable dyed saris. 

This sari includes an uncut blouse piece and measures total 6.5 yards, 45 inches wide.

This saree was made using resist block printing in which organic gluey substance is used to make the dye rest on the fabric to permanently form colored patterns before washing and treating the fabric. 

You can use this sari in many ways. For example, wear it as a sari or fold the ends to make long curtains. Some creativity and you can make scarves, window curtains, dress, plushies, cushion covers or almost everything using this sari. 

Care instructions:

Wash in mild detergent, separate from other fabrics, don't use very hot water. Gentle machine wash or hand wash recommended. Dry in shade.